On January 1, 2023, Jennifer Ebrom Dillingham was sworn in by the Honorable Lynn Ellison, Senior District Judge and the Honorable Stella Saxon, Senior District Judge -- surrounded by a crowd of family, friends, and supporters. She went straight to work! 

81st District Judge-Elect 

May 24, 2022 

THANK YOU, KARNES, WILSON, ATASCOSA, FRIO & LASALLE! With over 60% of the vote, I was able to secure the Republican nomination to be the next 81st District Judge. This race was a primary only race, with no democratic challenger in November. 

Dillingham 5270

Rowell 3456

It was a hard campaign - 185 days of sleepless nights, countless miles, and a lot of work ! I am grateful for all the people that helped the campaign be successful! 

I look forward to serving the District! 


March 2, 2022 

THANK YOU!!! Thanks to each of you, we were able to be the top vote getter throughout the 81st Judicial District ! 

What a whirlwind of a campaign - and what a great campaign it has been so far!  Election Night was anxious, but with three people in a primary race, we went into it thinking we might be in a run-off... so to report to you the Election Day news, 

Dillingham  5,744  

Rowell 5,229

Rodriguez 2,524

So for five seconds, let's take a moment and cheer, YAY! 

And now, realize that I didn't quite get to the 50% plus 1 vote - and so we have a run off. 

In modern politics, I received a fair share of rocks thrown at me. I am proud to say though that we ran a clean campaign -- because at the end of the day, I am not running against anyone, I am running to be the next 81st Judicial District Judge and I am the best candidate for the job.  I am certain we can be successful! 

The runoff election will be Tuesday, May 24, 2022. 

Run Off Elections are notoriously low in turn out - so I would appreciate if you would share our campaign with quite seriously, everyone you know

This bench is important to our five counties and once again, I am asking for your support and your vote. (Thank you again for your first vote and support!). 

I would love the opportunity to visit further. As there is a new ballot, some of you asked last night how you can help financially as well. I appreciate all of your donations and support and was conscious and respectful of these funds as we used them to campaign. 

As a kid, my dad used to tell me all the time "make dust, don't eat dust." --- so with that said, the Dillingham for District Judge Run Off Race began last night.

Thanks for all you do. 

With a grateful heart, 



November 23, 2021 

Dear Friends,


It is with great excitement that I am announcing my candidacy for 81st Judicial District Judge which encompasses Karnes, Atascosa, Wilson, Frio and La Salle counties.

I am a lifelong resident of Karnes County, Texas. As an attorney and mediator, I am familiar with the work done in the 81st Judicial District — from complex oil and gas disputes, civil litigation, divorces, to felony criminal offenses and more. I have worked on both sides of the litigation table, representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants and also both sides of the criminal trial process, having most recently served as Karnes County’s Attorney. I have spent over a decade advocating for clients throughout our District and the state of Texas.

I am actively involved in several organizations, particularly the Karnes City ISD Education Foundation, the Karnes City Community Chamber of Commerce, and the Panna Maria Catholic Church where I teach CCD and am the Treasurer for the Community Fund. I was instrumental in forming the Stockdale ISD Education Foundation and have worked as a director for the Stockdale Chamber of Commerce which proudly hosts the Stockdale Watermelon Jubilee. I believe in the advocacy for children and believe our best investment is making sure they have the best opportunities available to them.

I am a public servant at heart -- the daughter of a career law enforcement officer and the wife of a San Antonio fireman/paramedic. It was my absolute honor to be elected twice as the Karnes County Attorney where I vigorously protected our citizens and all those that passed through Karnes. If elected, I intend to preserve the integrity and fairness of this bench and work to make sure the people of our district have the opportunity to have access to open court.

I am humbly asking for your support and your vote. A campaign for a five county district also does not come without significant costs. I am asking for your support, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 towards this campaign goal of $75,000.00.  (The maximum donation amount in a district of our size is $1,000.00 per individual.)  I want to be able to reach as many voters as I can to discuss the importance of this office and my candidacy.


Please join me in kicking off this campaign and supporting a successful March 1, 2022 Primary!